Wednesday, 28 January 2015

In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes

As one's said by the king of pop art, Andy Warhol, in the future everyone will have his 15 minutes of fame. Based on this verdict Felix Landerer created his piece 15 minutes or less. A piece in which the dancers all try to have their moments of fame, attempting to be the chosen one. And this all performed in the beautiful and organic movement qualities as we are used to of Felix Landerer.

This piece 15 minutes or less, a creation by Felix Landerer, is performed by the Scapino Ballet. It's a piece which is part of a program called Icons, which I saw in Nijmegen the 8 of november. It's all about having your minutes of fame in a era of media, in which everyone can have his minutes of fame. But because of this, it's almost impossible to be a Icon for a longer period of time. Fame can simply be created by a group of people, but a group of people can also make you a nobody again.

The dancers danced to music from Christoff Littman, which perfectly suited the atmosphere of the dance, the inner desire to have your minutes of fame. However, the voice-over, most of the time not able to follow, was superfluous.  Very remarkable were the dancers' costumes. The dancers were completely dressed up in red costumes. This color is usually very outstanding, however when the whole group is wearing red, the colour isn't that outstanding anymore. This is the reason why the dancers searched for other ways to be outstanding.

One of those ways for the dancers to be outstanding is doing a solo. According to Andy Warhol, everyone would have his 15 minutes of fame. However, in this piece not everyone had this moment of fame, luckily. This because after a while the solo's became a bit boring to look at.
Choreographically seen most interesting to watch, is the organic movement quality created by Felix Landerer. It shows a fluid stream of movement, rising up in the air and organically melting into the floor again. This is very recognizable in Landerer's work. It almost seems like the dancers' bodies are made out of liquid and can easily melt and rise up from the floor. And amazingly enough, all the dancers executed the choreography very well.

Although there were a couple of downsides on the choreography of this piece, it still is very worthwhile to go and see it. The way the dancers move and the complex choreography are very pleasant to watch at. Also this piece is one of the three choreographies in the program Icons performed by the Scapino Ballet. All of them together form a great and beautiful evening filling performance!

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