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Monday, 29 December 2014, 20:30
Klipa Theater, Tel Aviv, Israel
Choreography: Adi Paz                     
Dancer:  Adaya Berkovitz
Music: composer: Hilit Rozental     Singer: Stela Gotshtain
Lighting: Yanir Liberman
Genre: Dance Theater.


Adi Paz is an Israeli actress, maker\choreographer and dancer. At her new piece post it, she brings to light one of the difficult issues of the society, which is sexual harassment. Through her piece, she is trying to touch on this sensitive subject, with focusing on the world of images of post sexual trauma. 


As they present it, stories about sexual harassment are occurred just under our noses. In this sense, a lot of people and especially women are living in their post trauma way of living. Through this performance, she created a sensitive story that rising questions that we all should ask ourselves. For example, who are we tends to blame in those situations, and way? Is there something that can actually have been done in order to avoid from those cases.


The young talented dancer Adaya Berkovits, performed a complex character which was developing through the piece. Dressed with short jeans and blue shirt, her childish pink underwear is peeking out, she is playing on the fine line between being a girl and a woman. This duality that she brings through her character is quit confusing – on the one hand, she is becoming more sexual and flirting with the audience, and on the other, she seems to be like a young girl. Within 40 min performance, Adaya succeeded to fascinate her audience with strong charisma, exploding energy, playfulness and honesty. my opinion, the most powerful part of the performance was at the end. In some moment, she went toward the audience, and slowly she started to travel between us. Crossing between the audience, her gaze starring into the space, with no clear direction and she is looking but not seeing. At once, we could all feel the compassion and the wish to help her, supporting her physically when she is about to fall.


However, the choreography itself, together with music, was unbalanced with the strong presence of the dancer. It created some drops in the intensity and wasn't developed enough in order to complete the performance into one whole thing.


In spite of it, post it is an intimate and touching performance which deals with a sensitive subject that should be talked more. Adi touches in those areas that we usually trying to avoid from deal with.



written by: Keren Ben-Shachar

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