Sunday, 19 February 2017

HOME by Conny Janssen danst

by Conny Janssen

Adi Amit
Laura Belgrano
Tu Ngoc Hoang
Martijn Kappers
Nina Plantefeve-Castryck
Rob Polmann
Mariko Shimoda
Remy Tilburg
Mitchell-lee van Rooij
Ricardo Vera Afanador
Maud Huizing
Youp Scheffer
Liza Wallerbosch
Michel Banabila
Martin Fox
Thomas Rupert
Remko van Wely
Babette van den Berg
Judith Wendel
Erik Spruijt

With the coming of, more than ever, easy ways to travel great distances for everyone and, in the same time, with so many expats, immigrants and refuges travelling around the globe, the world is coming together. And as populations start to interfere and exchange information, habits, customs and even people, the answer to the question of what we consider “home” becomes less and less obvious. Together with the way of living we need to modernize our values too; we need to reconsider them. Do we associate home with the country, the borders or with the people; with the bricks and stone our buildings are made of or the personal connections we have and the emotions they create?

With these topics as a port the new work of Conny Janssen departs on a journey that vaguely tries to give answers, but much more emphasizes on creating a space for thinking and exploring possibilities. Janssen is one of the major Dutch choreographers in the Netherlands, honored many times for her work. Her company is receiving funding from the government and is often staged, even beyond the national borders of her country.

This performance will leave you wondering. And by that I don’t mean “why did you paid money for this ticket” but the feeling of being between the awake and the dreaming state of mind, where all things are possible. From beginning to end you follow periods of people’s lives and choices, patterns, movements and stories. With a great diversity! From a black tall guy in office suit to a small girl on pajamas, from a couple of men in close relation in grey and brown to a redhead that keeps diary on the cement wall. Contrasts, disagreements, partnerings, reliefs, fears, necessities, they are all together and apart in the frame of the city.

To accompany this nonlinear tale Janssen has composed a strong background that puts the human in the center of attention. From the set, that doesn’t transform but highlights the human figure; from the costumes that are depicting various moments of our life; from the lights, that made their own journey of emotions though the colors while highlighting the important details and bringing to life other aspects of our lives, such as society, communication, multiculture; from the music, that, as if it had it’s own likings, underlined or contrasted the storytelling. Everything came together, no more or less than necessary, trying to make the human more… human.

This beautiful performance will tour until the end of April
throughout Holland.

You can check more information about the tour here

Take a glimce of it here:

Conducted and posted by Alkis Barbas

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