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Exhausting S p a c e

  E x h a u s t i n g     S     p     a     c     e                

    Iván Pérez / Korzo Productions                                                                                                                                                      

      October 3rd 2015

De Bordenhal, Maastricht. Nederlandse Dansdagen

Exhausting Space is based on a previous work by Pérez: Attention, the doors are closing! for the Moscow Ballet. In this piece, he comments on human interaction in the complex world that we are all finely connected to. 

The dancers have already begun as the audience flows into the theatre, we are immediately engulfed by their spiralling movement. Ironically, we as the audience, physically engulf the dancers as we enclose a large square around them. An interesting introduction.

An almost sterile environment is fabricated by simple and cool lighting that illuminates the white floor. Black eggs form an appealing geometric square in the centre of the theatre. Three bodies. A woman and two men. Their loose black clothing and bare feet indicate no distinction of gender, age or class. The dancers are levelled with each other and the public. There is a certain mutuality; a certain equality. A modest and intimate setting is established.

Photo credit: Studio Rios Zertuche

        M i n i m a l i s t i c  .          B a r e .          R a w .          B a s i c .          L i g h t .                          

The dancers continuously float around the space. They engage in constant movement and morph into solos, duets and trios when the opportunity arises. Their bodies generously melt into one another creating intricate pathways to endlessly counterbalance, complete and fill each other and the space that surrounds them. 

It is empty yet appears full. It is full yet appears empty. 

As the dancers repeatedly circulate, a steady pulse is set. Free of boundaries and proximity restrictions, the dancers participate in a tireless and curious exploration of the physical and literal space, that is both individual and shared. There is an energetic play between vulnerability and strength. Pérez tactfully marries these antagonists in a captivating manner. There is an inherent sense of community and unity yet a yearn for independence. At times, the dancers helplessly give in to each other all while ever so gently receiving and tenderly enveloping one another. A true poetic struggle. A rare symbiosis. 

Much like an egg, the mood is round and wholesome and the dancers are fragile but hard shelled. 

Their precision and technique is to be remarked. Their effortless quality does not do justice to the difficulty of such mastery in contact partnering and floor work. Three sensational dancers with undeniable chemistry. 

                                                             A        p o e t i c         s t r u g g l e .                                                           

A definite recommendation to all willing spectators and a gem for aspiring dancers. 

Exhausting Space leaves you breathless yet even more energised. 

"Former NDT dancer Pérez has his own style of movement, completely organic with a constant flow and total physical control. A magnificent solo danced by the choreographer underlines the strength of his dancing, which impresses through the driving rhythm of Rutger Zuyderveldt's electronic music." (

"...three powerhouse dancers." (

                 Choreography I Iván Pérez
Assistant Choreography  I Inbal Abir
                          Dancers I Nina Botkay/Inés Belda Nacher, Christopher Tandy, Iván Pérez
                   Light Design I Peter Lemmens
                              Music I Rutger Zuydervelt
             Costume Design I Carlijn Petermeijer
                      Apprentice I Cristian Arenas

For more information on the choreographer and performance dates visit : Korzo - Exhausting Space

For a sneak peek preview watch:  Exhausting Space Trailer as also shown below. 

Post: Malika Berney DM1 

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