Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Exhausting Space - Iván Pérez

                  “Exhausting Space”

                                 By: Iván Pérez

                                               Maastricht – Saturday 3 october – Bordenhal 17.00 – 18.00

“ In a mix of embracing, catching and pushing, Iván Pérez carries you along in a stream of solid but careful movements. The tireless and driven dancers in Exhausting Space are masterful and fragile, commanding and compliant.

 Exhausting space is a work with a strong heart of dance. Iván Pérez offers us an almost hypnotic expierence in wich the moving and searching body is as fragile as it is strong.”

I can say that the fact that it was almost a “hypnotic expierence” is very true. During this piece i was quite hypotized by the choreography of Iván Pérez. The whole endurence of the piece was breath taking to me. I wish the piece never ended.

Why the piece was so “hypnotic” to me personally was because it took me on a long continuous journey. The whole surrounding of the piece makes that it becomes so special.
In this choreography Iván really got to me. The way the movements were worked out, the precise details and the emotions behind the movements/piece were quite amazing!

What I mean by the precise details is that the dancers worked with eggs. Eggs?!?! I hear you thinking, Yes. Real un boiled eggs. They were all black. Wich made it even more special. The eggs created a fragile feeling to me wich was really touching. The way how the dancers “danced” with it and how they created a story with it made the whole structure off the piece for me!

The dancers have amazing movement material what was really new to me. It inspired me a lot and it made me feel how much I love to see dance, and to do it again. The movements were so soft, yet hard, yet detailed but also so fluently that my eyes couldn’t look somewhere else, and that was really awesome.

If you are in for a continuous excitement while watching a performance you should definitely see this piece.

“ Are they going to break the eggs? Huh? are those even eggs or stones? What is happening with them? How did they even create this series of embracing catching and pushing?”

- are questions that constantly popped up in my head afterwards, because during the piece I was literally HYPNOTISED by this choreography.

You can still see this wonderful piece of art:

Rotterdam | Rotterdamse 

Fri 4 mrt 2016 | 20:30

Amsterdam | Theater Bellevue
Tue 8 mrt 2016 | 20:30

Utrecht | Theater Kikker
Wed 9 mrt 2016 | 20:00

Amersfoort | De Lieve Vrouw
Thu 31 mrt 2016 | 20:30

Maastricht | AINSI
Sat 2 apr 2016 | 20:30

Thu14 apr 2016 | Time follows

Wed 20 apr 2016 | 20:30

Nijmegen | LUX
Thu 21 apr 2016 | 20:30

Groningen | Grande Theatre
Mon 25 apr 2016 | 20:30

Haarlem | Toneelschuur
Tue 26 apr 2016 | 20:30

Choreography, concept, decor Iván Pérez

Dance Nina Botkay/Inés Belda Nácher, Christopher Tandy, Iván Pérez

Music Rutger Zuydervelt

Light Peter Lemmens

Costumes Carlijn Petermeijer

Assistant choreography Inbal Abir  - stagiair Cristian Arenas

Première 12 februari 2015, CaDance Festival, Korzo theater, Den Haag


Review by: Eszra Schoonheim 

 Date: 27-01-2016


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