Wednesday, 20 December 2017

TRÆNS - Igor Vrebac


          Last week in the Arnhem's aan of Rijn Theater, the public was able to attend the Igor Vrebac's last performance, TRÆNS. This maker was noticed one year ago with his show "Macho Macho", and continue to explore gender and its various aspects. Even if the artist decide to describe himself as a "physical theater maker", I decided to choose this performance because it can be perceived asan experimental contemporary dance creation, and because theater and dance are I think more and more connected by the time.

          The performance begins in a smokey room. The first image of it appears, as suspended in time : two bodies, knelt down, head against the ground, let appear to the audience only their backs. Then the image takes life, letting us discern their gender : a man and a woman. I thought this moment was really beautiful, because it creates confusion and in the same time slowly brings us into the performance. Both are wearing high heels, symbol of seduction. They get up, walk. The music begins, the rite takes place. The walking and the music become the leitmotiv of this performance, giving it its undeniable hypnotic characteristic.

          Igor Vrebac wants TRÆNS to seduce us. The electronic music, powerful, catchy, and even tribal, highlights the decided steps of the performers and their arm ports, executed almost religiously. He brings a special care to the appearance of his work, and highlights the beauty of his young performers, making them ideal and uninhibited. He even controls the expression of their faces : light smiles, bright and intense glares. The result is here ; I was intrigued as much as repelled by this created superficiality, which can even make the dancers seem dehumanized.

          And it's what is interesting in this work : the confusion due to feelings that clash in us, that we think incompatible but which create a dissonant and surprising harmony. The movements of the upper body - which are minimalists, not numerous and chosen with care - will not allow the audience to create his own interpretation of the show, because they are so meaningful that they impose an interpretation. Indeed, provided with a strong symbolism, the movements are perceived as an incessant invitation, inciting the spectator to join the ritual, which emphasized the conflict of emotions inside of me. 

To conclude, TRÆNS is an unresolved choice. It repulses and bothers us by its unwholesome and inhuman aspect while fascinating and intriguing us. Will you yield to it ?
Paul d'Arcangela


Maker : Igor Vrebac
Performers : Anton van der Sluis, Mea-Ly Verhoef
Music : Tonny Nobel
Light design : Rob Daanen

High-heels : Kinky-Shoes

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