Thursday, 30 January 2014

4 Seasons

Choreography: Samir Calixto
Dancers........: Samir Calixto and Irena Misirlć
Music..........: The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi
Location........: AINSI, Maastricht
Date..............: 06.10.2013
Kerzo Productions (

I can genuinely say that this is one of the most delightful dance performances that I have ever been to. Even though I could not find out any story or theme to follow, I think it really did turn out extraordinary. To me it seemed as if the message brought across was purely in the hands of the spectators. The performance was in a whole eminently pretty. The simplicity, the colours chosen, the costumes, the music, good technique and the dancers physicality all contributed to that.

This performance involved two dancers, which danced to the widely know and majestic violin concert by Vivaldi. They did not make use of any props and there was nothing on the stage except the dancers. They danced in a somewhat neo-classical way but I find that there was a great balance between technique and emotion. During this performance the dancers took you on an emotional roller coaster, in which I very much enjoyed. If I would want to suggest anything to the choreographer then in my opinion I would have liked to go even deeper into some of those beautiful images that appeared throughout the piece. There were a couple of those moments and even though I enjoyed them very
much I think that I could have enjoyed them even more.

The dancers wore identical looking costumes, which were simple but called on themselves some kind of mystery since the fabric did not look very ordinary.  They wore overalls but the fabric was partly transparent so you could clearly see the body. To me, the costumes reminded me of moulting, when the snake sheds her complete outer layer of skin off. I thought that was a very exquisite picture and it caught me thinking about how your past stays with you unless you make the decision to throw it away. You can also carry it with you since it is part of you, but it is ultimately your decision if you pay any attention to it or not.

Here you can see a preview of the piece:

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