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Ghost Track - LeineRoebana Dance Company

Ghost Track

LeineRoebana Dance Company

Ghost Track by LeineRoebana Dance Company, seen at November 21st 2013, at Schouwburg in Arnhem. Choreographed by Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana to music by Iwan Gunawan, interpreted by Gamelan Ensemble.
Ghost Track
is a fusion between traditional Indonesian and western contemporary dance, and music.
     The piece, which include five dancers from Western Europe and three dancers from Indonesia, accompanied by an Indonesian orchestra playing live, start with introducing the Indonesian traditional dance soon to be interrupted by small fragments of western contemporary dancers introducing western contemporary and even exploring the Indonesian inspired movements themselves. It is structured as a combination of exchange of dancers in and out of stage. A few solos and duets and even all dancers on stage at once in a dynamic piece in the middle of the performance.  A singer appears during the performance and sings a solo and while the dancers are dancing, one of the dancers is singing while performing a solo.

From the name Ghost Track, I assume that the performance is about tracing back to the roots, not only of the culture behind the different ethnicities but also the roots of human being. Apart from that, it evolves around the physicality of the body, cooperating with movements from two different cultures, in the end uniting and creating new movements together.  
I found it very interesting to see the solution of the combination of Indonesian and Western European dance. The musicians were in my opinion amazing. The level of energy they brought to the performance, their ability to participate in the performance on the same level as the dancers and not only as supporters, was nice to see. The female singer, I personally did not appreciate, she seemed to me like an extra input, which was unnecessary considering the noticeable orchestra and the many dancers one of which was also singing.

If the intention behind the performance was to combine Indonesian and Western contemporary dance in a natural way with use of Indonesian music, it succeeded very well. In general, I find performances with a bit more on their mind, more interesting. I would have preferred if it hadn’t only been an attempt to combine cultures, but an attempt to combine two cultures in order to say something deeper.
I think this performance is worth seeing, if only to experience the musicians and the movements, well performed by the dancers.

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