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''Ghost Track'' by LeineRoebana

‘’Ghost Track’’ LeineRoebana
Data 21-11-2013
Schouwburg Arnhem

If you’ve never been to Indonisia, but you do want to se a bit of the culture, this is a great performance to watch. You can see the traditional dancestyle, with a mix of modern.
But not only the performances of the dancers, also the music of Iwan Gunawan will take you to another place.

Before I went to the performance I had no clue what to expect. I only knew that it had something to do with the Indonesian culture.
Normally when you enter a theater you have to wait until the doors are open. But here it was different. The doors where already open, and the dancers where already on stage preparing. The first thing I noticed was the fact that the stage was very open. Even though there was some kind of décor props, and the place where the music was settled, it all looked open, and way bigger then normally.

The first part of the performance was for me very exciting to watch. I have seen traditional Indonesian dance before, because it’s from my own culture. But I have never seen this. It was amazing to see how ‘’the real’’ Indonesian dancers where dancing compared to the company dancers, who had before they started this adventure zero experience in this type of dance. You could clearly see it took the modern dancers more energy to dance the traditional dance.

Though in the second part of the performance you could see it less. The modern trained dancers where more comfortable to move around, and to make it more theirs. There was one girl in particular I loved during the performance. Even though the traditional dance was clearly not her base, because she was not a Indonesian looking girl, she took every movement as if she was dancing it her whole life. And in the second part she shows more of her modern side too, so she stood really out for me.

In the end I think this was a great performance for everyone, with or without knowing the Indonesian culture. Although I think you can go home after the performance with a mixed feeling if you liked it or not, you can clearly say you had experienced something you probably would never see anywhere else.

By Yvonne Rugebregt

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